Data Hacks of the 21st Century, Are You On the List?

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The largest Data Breaches of the 21st Century
The other day, I came across the above mentioned and linked article that sparked a thought in my brain. So I decided to share the article and highlight a few of the data breaches that stood out:
  1. Yahoo – the largest data breach which affected 3 BILLION users in 2013. Over the course of a few years not only did they lose general contact information, but also passwords and security questions.
  2. Marriott International – 2014-2018 – This hack was reportedly done by China in an effort to get information about US citizens. This was not only bad for the general information stolen, but hackers also took the passport numbers of Marriott members.
  3. Ebay – 2014 – This stands out to me as a MAJOR cyber attack because the hackers had complete access and control for 229 days. The hackers gained access by using the access of 3 corporate employees.
What’s the point? Some of this could be avoided by having a cyber security plan. If you are collecting customer data through online forms, if you are an e-commerce company, if you have employees using generic passwords, or if you utilize the cloud to manage your customer data then you can be at risk. Contact us today and we can help to get your company and customer data secure.