Why Use Source One for Your Virtualization Services


One physical server can host multiple virtual instances of any server Operating System.


Virtual Machines can be added or migrated to other virtual environments with ease. Multiple backup topologies can be created to ensure your data is safe.


  • New or Additional hardware is not needed in order to migrate or add new servers (Virtual Machines) as long as VM resource consumption does not exceed the physical host’s hardware capacities.
  • Replication of VMs is a standard feature available to all virtual environments.
    Image level backups and replication are standard in 99% of Backup/Disaster Recovery plans for virtual environments
  • Server Operating Systems are dependent only on the VM virtual hardware. Server VMs can be migrated, replicated, or restored to any physical box that supports the VMs virtual environment type (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, etc…).


  • New or Additional hardware must be purchased in order to migrate or add new servers.
  • Image level backups and or replication is possible but is not feasible in standard Backup/Disaster Recovery Solutions.
  • Server Operating Systems are dependent only on the physical hardware. If hardware should fail, identical hardware must be used in order to quickly bring the server back online otherwise the server must be be rebuilt from the ground up before data can be restored and services brought back online.

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