Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

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Digital Marketing Trends to Implement
When it comes to digital marketing, there are TONS of options and trying to navigate where to spend your marketing dollars can become frustrating. However, here are some marketing trends that you should keep your eye on and try to implement sooner than later.
Yes, you should become one of those companies that terrify people. Ever have a conversation with someone about a certain type of car and then go on to social media and it is listed there under advertisements? Remarketing is a system that puts a “cookie” on users IP address and that cookie follows them onto websites and browsers that allow for remarketing.
Reputation Management:
This serves two purposes to help with SEO and Search. First, you are claiming your business listings on the major white pages websites and then ensuring all of your business information is the same throughout the web. Second, you will now take up more online real estate so when people are searching for your business you will have more organic results in your favor.
Voice to Text
How customers search the web for information has drastically changed over the past year with a movement towards voice to text. Now, people will search by saying, “Find (Insert company type) near me.” This needs to be built into your SEO so you are not missing out on perspective customers.
Video… Video… Video
We have said this before, and now here we are again. Back in 2017, Neil Patel (a major digital marketing strategist) found that a video highlighting a product can increase the sales of that product by 144%! In 2015 Google reported that 53% of smartphone users felt more favorable about companies that have instruction how-to videos referencing their products.
Last but not least… because it is the most important piece of digital marketing that needs to be done immediately is to update your site with an SSL certificate. If you do not do so by July 2019, then your website will be potentially not listed on Google. Considering Google is responsible for 94% of online searches, this is something you will want to do now.