How Much Do Email Scammers Make

Kevin GallgherUncategorized

The Wall Street Journal released an article recently outlining information from the FBI about what email scammers are actually making from their scams. We have been sending out articles for the last few years outlining the importance of properly protecting your network, and these numbers only reinforce that.
The Stats:
  • Scammers are believed to have net almost $2 billion last year.
  • Most of these scams originate from groups in Africa.
  • The majority of losses are from “Business-email compromises.”
  • The FBI gets over 20K in business-email scam complaints a year.
  • Payroll Fraud and Ransomes are two of the fraud cases that are high on the list.
Please, whether you are a client of ours or not, do not wait for something to happen. We recommend updating your antivirus software and creating password protocols for employees. While these things can protect you now, we would like to offer to help you put together a plan of protection to cover your company in case the worst happens. Contact us today to learn more.

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