IT Spring Cleaning 2017

Kevin GallgherIT Services

You spring clean at your house and some of us even spring clean the office, but we rarely take a look at our server rooms, technology, and other IT sources and spring clean there.  So we put together some common areas that you should consider a little “spring cleaning” in to help improve your connectivity!
  • Go through your network and clear out any old or useless data and files.  A common call we get is that there is no more room on the shared network.  Come up with a protocol for what should be on employee local drive and what should be shared to help control space issues.
  • Wiring: do you have an office or conference room that has exposed wiring from a sloppy install?  Having us out to take a look and re-run the wires could help not only organize but give a more finished look to your conference room!
  • Cables: making sure that cables are organized in your server room can both give a nice clean look AND bring down billable time for server maintenance.
  • New Spyware: having new spyware added to your computers could clean up a lot of viruses on your network and prevent future attacks.
  • Back up your files and empty the trash: backing up your computer files will really protect you down the line.  As far as your trash goes… don’t look, just empty.  Otherwise you will get stuck in there.

Need help with any of this?  Contact us today and we will be happy to come out for a consultation.