Remote Employee Tips

Kevin GallgherIT Services

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Do you have remote employees?  Well congrats, you are part of the new and evolving world of business!  There are many benefits to having remote employees.  For one, two-thirds of managers say that employees on their team (that work remotely) are more productive.  Remote employees have less interruptions, water cooler time, and lower chance of office political problems. 

Here are some tips to ensure that your remote employees can keep up the productivity:

  • Have all hardware set up and tested by SourceONE before it goes to your employee  If the computer is not set up before it goes to your remote employee, it could take several days of remote logging in to fix the problem. 
  • Ensure that networks and shared drives are accessible. They will need to be connected to all company information to stay productive throughout their daily work.
  • Connect all of their devices using the cloud or app based software. Especially in the case of a mobile sales staff, we can help you implement CRMs and other internet/cloud based software so they can be connected and you can track their work.
  • Make sure to have antivirus software connected. Just because they are not in the office, does not mean that your information is secure.  If their computer is connected to your network and more, hackers can still access your private information.
  • Ensure that they have good internet access. If you are helping to pay for their home internet, make sure they are getting high speed.
  • Have SourceONE set up and connect Microsoft Office 365 or other software. Microsoft Office 365 is a great way of connecting your office even when your employees are remote.