School is back in session, are you ready?

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Get the Home Office and Classroom Ready!

School is back! With many schools being hybrid or completely remote, that means that most of our clients still have a large quantity of their employees working from home. We decided, what better than a newsletter with advice to help keep your employees and their kids more productive and have the best foot forward to start the school year.

New Technology

Whether your employees or their kids, technology is changing. We get many calls with people complaining about not being able to login to WebEx and in many cases that is because their computers are old and taking a long time to boot. If you want to update your hardware, contact us today for a quote on new computers and laptops.

Update Security

With employees being home there has been an increase in malware and malicious content infiltrating networks because of mis-clicked emails. You need a data protection plan to save both your company information and your employees home network. We can help. Contact us today.

Set Parental Controls

With kids using the internet for school there are many issues that can happen. By setting parental controls, you can keep them productive on their school work without exposing them to non age appropriate content and marketing.
We are here as a resource. We are experts in helping our clients work to be more remote. We have knowledge in cloud-based databases, remote desktop, VoIP, and other services that can keep your employees working efficiently from home. Contact us today if you want to get more information.