Stop Pesky Windows 10 Notifications

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Windows 10 Notifications

We all know about them and we all hate them! Those pesky notifications that show up on your screen and while they are small and easily dismissed they drive us out of our minds!!!
What causes them? How do you get rid of them? For most people, they are either going to spend a lot of time digging through their computer trying to find a program that may be causing the issue or they are going to simply live with the notifications.
Well, we have both the cause and the solution to the problem.

The Cause

The cause is simple but can be overlooked easily. Google Chrome, while being the premier internet search program, is not without its bugs. In most cases, the windows 10 notifications are as a result of a rogue extension.
The Cure
Option A
Find the rogue extension by going into the Chrome settings, clicking extensions, and then disable/remove the rogue extension.
Option B
If the issue is persisting and not working from option A, then we recommend a full reset of Chrome to send it back to original settings.

Still Having Trouble or Are Still Getting Notifications?

Contact us today and we would be happy to help you resolve this issue!