Two Things Every Business Must Do This Year

Kevin GallgherUncategorized

Windows Server Updates

We know that this is not the first time we made you aware of this update, but it is immensely important.
Why is it important: In January 2020 Windows announced that they will no longer be providing security updates for any PCs that are running Server 2008 or Windows 7.
What happens if you don’t do it: With no more security updates your system is vulnerable to hackers and cyber threats.

SSL Certificates

Google has made it clear that one of the major factors in search will be whether your site is secure or not.
Why is it important: An SSL certificate protects users by encrypting their information protecting them from cyber attackers.
What happens if your don’t do it: Your website will lose it’s ranking and effectively be blacklisted. So if you have a 1st page spot, that will cease to exist.

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