Update Your Windows Servers Follow Up

Kevin GallgherUncategorized

Starting January 14th, 2020 Microsoft will no longer be supporting and providing security updates for any PCs that are running Server 2008 or Windows 7. Will they continue to work? Sure… But it is mandatory that you update your systems by the end of 2019. If left un-updated you are leaving your company and clients susceptible to cyber attack. Want another reason to update? If you are using Internet Explorer for your internet search it is important to know that Explorer will also stop updating the security of it’s product if used by desktops that utilize Server 2008 or Windows 7. Other popular programs will also discontinue support and updates as well.
Here are some of the extra benefits:
  • Better security.
  • Windows 10 Pro is built for business use. It has special features that are customized for business use.
  • Cloud backup of all docs.
  • Remote desktop can be set up to allow you to access documents from anywhere.
  • If you are using a touch screen or a Surface, you can use Windows Ink.
  • Windows hello uses facial recognition to protect your hardware and data from theft.