VoIP Tips and Tricks

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VoIP Tips and Tricks
VoIP is the best thing in telecom for any sized business. In light of recent events and the COVID-19 pandemic, VoIP has become essential for many businesses. We thought we might help by passing on some tips about using VoIP to make life a little easier and help you be more productive!
Small businesses can easily install and add more lines one at a time. However, businesses with more than 5-10 employees are faced with a bit of a monotonous task. If you set the VoIP up correctly on the serve, you can automatically configure hundreds of phones with a click!
There’s an App For That!
During the coronavirus, you may have had problems with getting hardware to your employees. Also, employees may have been resistant to using their personal number for work calls. In this case, we recommend VoIP apps direct to their mobile devices.
If you or your employees are having issues with their VoIP system, it is time to take a look at their network. There may be more need for speed and a simple call to the internet provider can help. It is important to note that upload and download speeds are important.
Voicemail Transcribe
Did you know that many VoIP providers can give you the option to transcribe your Voicemails? In some cases (stuck in a Zoom meeting or helping kids with homework) setting up transcription is a must.
If you have yet to utilize VoIP for your business, then contact us today for more information. We have teamed up with a trusted VoIP provider and can assist you with implementing it into your business.