VoIP Will Be Your Next Phone System

Kevin GallgherIT Services

You have seen us talk about VoIP in the past, and many of our clients reached out to us for information on this type of technology and we figured we would send some more information out about the positives of a VoIP network for your phone system.
First, what is VoIPVoIP stands for VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL. The systemutilizes the internet to make calls and is accessible from anywhere that you have an internet connection. I would say that it is the phone system of the future, but this is aphone system that is being used by major corporations throughout the world. So why isyour small-mid-sized business fighting the change?
  • Cost – lets lead with the important aspect. Everyone wants to lower their overhead. VoIP can help you do just that.
  • Connectivity – no matter if you have in-house or remote employees they can access their phone with a computer and internet.
  • Customization – each user can customize their VoIP experience with options to change voicemail, to ring style, extension numbers, and more.
  • Clever – you might be concerned with bandwidth on your internet service. VoIP uses any dead or quiet time of a call to upload more data allowing your internet connection to remain uninterrupted.
We are at our desks waiting beside our VoIP phones for you to call today! If you have not gotten more information about implementing VoIP into your business, now is the time.