Why VOIP Makes Sense for Your Business

Kevin GallgherIT Services

voice over IP services
Have you made the change to VOIP for your business?  If that answer is no, then you should really consider doing it.  VOIP is a hosted phone service that allows your company to use the internet as your phone service using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions. The benefits out weigh the risks and we think you will see that it will raise productivity and help your staff be connected no matter where they are.

Reasons to Implement VOIP:

  • Stay Connected – with VOIP your employees can be connected anywhere there is WiFi.  If you have employees that travel for work then you know that cell phones are unreliable and they are limited with options.  Using VOIP, they can get a clear connection every time, check their voicemails, and more right from their computer.
  • Save Money – VOIP is a less expensive option for phone service.  Also, VOIP is so simple to use that you will lower your overall management costs by making changes yourself. 
  • VOIP is the future – this technology is not going anywhere.  If anything, it will continue to get better and grow.  By getting into it now, you will be on the front lines and be able to be more prepared for the future technology that will come.
  • Press 1 For Easier Changes – need a call routing system?  With VOIP you can make changes by just logging in.  No longer need to use a third party company to manage this.

There are many other reasons why switching makes sense.  Have more questions or want to implement this into your business?  Contact us at Source1 to see just how simple it can be and get up and running quickly.  We can help you find the best options and hardware to get started today.