Why You Didn’t Get the Email From Equifax’s TrustedID Credit Monitoring

Kevin GallgherUncategorized

By now you have heard all about the recent hack on Equifax.  You may have even been affected by it.  The crazy thing about this is that it will haunt consumers for years to come.  Now consumers are losing their minds because as they are trying to take advantage of the TrustedID free credit monitoring from Equifax and are hitting a wall.  Once you finish putting all of your information into the website, it will tell you that you will receive an email from them to finish enrollment.  You can wait by your computer like a lovesick puppy waiting for your girlfriend to email you back, but alas, you will not see an email.

In more recent articles that have come out, they have pointed out that Equifax is completely overwhelmed and behind on processing.  If you are absolutely dying for a way to maybe get some type of feedback here is two options:

  1. Call their dedicated helpline – 866-447-7559
  2. Add their “no-reply” to your safe list to make sure they do not get spammed. no-reply@trustedid.com

We wish we could give you more help with this.  Otherwise, one thing we want to point out is that this shows that you need to have a strong network with proper security to ensure that you and your customer’s information is safe.