Working From Home Is Hard, But We Can Help!

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Just like your company, every company across the country now has their employees working from home. While this has been a blessing to some, for others it has been an extremely hard adjustment. Sometimes, aspects of home life can get in the way of work life. So we decided to go ahead and share some tips on how to manage the work life balance while working from home.
  1. Make sure to carve out some office space. Whether in your bedroom or basement, make sure it is away from the craziness of the house.
  2. Communication is king. If your spouse is also home working, split up the time of working amongst the kids.
  3. Consider getting a dual monitor. It can be taxing to work from one small laptop screen. Either get a second monitor or connect to a TV to help you manage.
  4. Look up some online resources for games, coloring activities, and other fun busy work with the kids.
  5. Have your kids help you! They can get things from the printer, sort paperwork, and more.
While these are great tips for your employees, there are still tons of frustrating situations that will arise for your the business owner over the course of your employees working remote. Connectivity, time tracking, phone service, hardware issues, remote desktop and more.
We invite all of you to reach out to us today. We can help you get setup, show you how to do remote printing and use multiple screens. We can help you get the hardware, software, and system programs to ensure that your staff stays connected, productive, and efficient if the worst-case scenario happens. The key is to be preventative and not reactionary. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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